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New look, same linen

I hope you are surviving lock-down. It certainly has been a surreal experience. Being at home 24/7 during lock-down can make your surroundings feel uninspiring after a while. Though we may desire a change, we can't browse our favourite retail stores or simply can't justify spending money on something we are simply bored with. Here is a simple way at how you can make your bed in different ways, to create a fresh new look.

Let's start with the basics, I have laid the over-sized flat sheet on the bed without tucking it in. This serves two purposes, it means I don't need a valance, and more importantly, saves a little time making the bed in the morning!

My bedding is deliberately plain as I have this gorgeous wallpaper, "Woods" by Cole & Sons, as a back drop. The fitted sheet is plain white and the flat sheet and 2 of the pillow cases are a black and white pin stripe, chosen purposely to add a bit of interest to plain bedding whilst still keeping the overall look simple.

In summer, fold the duvet down toward the bottom of the bed so with the windows open, the sheets have had some fresh air on them during the day. On a warm night, the duvet can be left at the bottom of the bed with just the flat sheet to sleep under.

Change this look with the placement of pillows

Or for a fresher look, expose the fitted sheet and and wrap the fitted sheet around the folded part of the duvet

I always dress a bed with a duvet one size up from the bed which gives extra drape over the side of the bed. Not only does this make it look luxurious, it also puts an end to midnight arguments over who's hogging the duvet!

In the winter the bed is made with the duvet right up to the pillows.

This gives the impression that the bed will be warm and cosy to jump into on a cold blustery night.

I don't have a throw, but if you do, play around with where you place it. The end of the bed seems the natural place for it to be, but be creative and change it up.

If you are going to invest in new bedding, remember the over-sized duvet and buy the best your budget will allow. This is especially pertinent to sheets, you will be amazed at how awesome good quality sheets feel against your skin.

I hope this gives you some ideas to try yourself, do send me your photos for feedback. If your home requires a dose of inspiration post lockdown, contact me to see how I can help.

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